Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Manti Temples

\ I thought it was so peaceful and special that the cemetary in Manti is overlooked by the temple. Loved it! Manti is one of the few temples that isn't surrounded by huge homes. Just a quiet little town.

Manti Temple - Any Suggestions on a Name for this one?

Manti Temple "Resting Place"

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  1. Love the colors of the first one! It looks so peaceful, and green grass too.

  2. Hi Mandy, My name is Kelly pugh I paint picturs for a living someone wanted me to paint a picture of the Manti Temple, I like your photo and wonder if I can use it for refrence in a painting. I am getting 200 for the painting and would be willing to pay for the right to use the image or parts of it. It would be changed from what it looks like now and who I am selling it to wants to make prints of it. Do you have any intrest in this.?

  3. I would be interested. Sorry for the delayed response. Email me at Thanks! And I checked out your work online and it's beautiful!