Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ogden Temple


Ogden Temple 1. Here is another picture from our Utah trip. Any suggestions on what I could call this one? I wanted to call it "Ogden Temple Vintage Wheat," but honestly I don't know what plant that is. Anyone know? I just thought it was pretty! Just to let all of you know out there, when there is a plant or flower in my picture, it's really there. I do take some things out, (people, cars, etc.) but I try my best to make sure that if there are trees, plants, or flowers they were really there in the original photograph. I want it to really represent the actual temple grounds.

This temple, the Ogden Temple is about to go under construction so I really wanted to get some photos of it before it was changed. One is the regular way to order it, the other is with a name sample to show how I can personalize it for you.
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